Oral Surgery & Extractions

Oral Surgery & Extractions, North Vancouver

One area of specialty within dentistry is known as oral surgery and applies to procedures of a surgical nature.

At Third Street Dental, we provide expert oral surgery and extraction services with a focus on patient care and comfort. Our skilled team handles everything from routine tooth removal to complex surgeries  under IV sedation. We ensure personalized care and support through every step of your treatment and recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I be asleep for dental treatment?

    Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist. The good news is that for patients who have had bad experiences or have a strong dental phobia, we offer safe Dental Sedation. For minor procedures we recommend oral sedation. For more complicated cases we offer full In-House IV Sedation. Depending on which type of sedation you and your dentist decide on, opting into sedation will make your visit go much smoother and you will have little to no memory of your dental visit.

  • How long will sedation affect me following my dental surgery?

    For a localized anesthetic, you can expect your tooth to be numb for up to two hours and your lips and tongue to be numb for up to five following the freezing. Provided it is okay with your dentist, being active after your procedure will make that numbing feeling dissipate faster. You should consult your dentist well in advance to find out the specifics of your procedure so that you can plan your day accordingly.

    For oral or IV sedation we recommend you take the day to “restart your engines.” Everyone is different but most likely by the next day you will be back to normal. For surgery, such as wisdom teeth removal, 3-4 days usually needed to recover.

  • Can I get sedation for minor dental treatment?

    YES, almost anyone is a candidate for oral or IV sedation. No matter how large or small the dental procedure is, Sedation can be involved to make your visit as short and pleasant as possible.

    Third Street Dental is here to make sure you are in the absolute best hands before, during, and after your dental procedures.

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