Mouthguards & Bruxism

Mouthguards & Bruxism Treatment, North Vancouver

At Third Street Dental, we recognize the diverse needs for mouth protection and treatment of Bruxism, offering custom-made mouthguards and splints. These products are not only essential for athletes in contact sports but also serve as effective solutions for snoring and Bruxism. Bruxism is a condition characterized by tooth clenching and grinding. It affects millions and can lead to tooth wear, jaw disorders, and chronic headaches. Our specialized mouthguards and splints are custom made to be extremely comfortable and streamline thin to perfectly fit your mouth, providing relief and protection.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like morning headaches, tooth wear, increased sensitivity, sore chewing muscles, mobile teeth, or disrupted sleep, it could be signs of Bruxism. At Third Street Dental, we are committed to helping you address these issues. Our custom solutions, designed to alleviate Bruxism symptoms, can reduce or even eliminate your discomfort without medication. Consult with us to explore how these tailored mouthguards and splints can bring relief and improve your oral health.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bruxism and how common is it?

    Bruxism, involving tooth clenching and grinding, affects over 10 million adults in North America and can lead to tooth damage and jaw disorders.

  • What are the symptoms of Bruxism?

    Symptoms include morning headaches, tooth wear, increased sensitivity, disrupted sleep, neck and jaw pain.

  • How can Third Street Dental help with Bruxism?

    We offer custom splints and mouthguards that relieve Bruxism symptoms, potentially eliminating the need for medication.

  • What are the uses of custom-made mouthguards?

    Custom-made mouthguards protect teeth during contact sports, help with snoring, and provide relief for Bruxism sufferers.

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