5 Early Signs of Dental Issues

Woman Covering Mouth With Hands Looking Surprised

Of all the parts of the human body, your mouth is the best communicator – and that goes far beyond just speaking! When something is amiss in the mouth, be it with teeth, gums, or throat, oftentimes it will make that very known to you.

Whereas there can be a lot of mystery in other parts of the body, there are a lot of good oral signs and indicators when it comes to dental issues. While your body may speak to you in interesting ways and foreign tongues, it is crucial to always be listening.

The sooner you notice that something is amiss, the quicker you can get it looked at by a dentist and have it fixed. By neglecting early signs of dental issues you may be setting yourself up for bigger problems, increased pain, and more expensive dentist bills down the line.

Below are five common early signs of dental issues that you should look out for.


General pain in your mouth or jaw often stems from a toothache, but the cause of that toothache could be a variety of different things. The most simple of all toothache causes is a simple cavity which can be fixed rather easily without any major intervention. Beyond a cavity, toothaches can also be an indication of gum disease, an abscess, or an impacted tooth. These three are much more serious than a cavity and would require a more serious procedure. Regardless, every toothache should be examined by a dentist to determine the cause and have it fixed as soon as possible.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are typically most painful when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Similar to toothaches, many dental issues can cause sensitive teeth. Tooth decay, fractured teeth, exposed roots and gum disease, and old fillings can all contribute to sensitive teeth, and each issue will require a different form of intervention by your dentist. Again, the sooner you can have your teeth examined the better.

Bleeding Gums

Perhaps the most common sign of dental issues are bleeding gums. At its most basic, bleeding gums can be a result of aggressive tooth brushing or picking up floss for the first time in awhile. Beyond this, bleeding or sore gums can also indicate gingivitis and or gum disease. If your bleeding gums don’t seem to align with brushing your teeth too hard or starting to floss again, consider visiting your dentist to make sure it isn’t an indication of something more serious.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are another relatively common early sign of oral health issues and vary in type, cause, and impact. There are many things that can cause mouth sores including infection of an oral cut or scrape, irritation from braces, fillings, or other oral devices, or an ancillary disease or disorder. One thing is certain, however. Mouth sores are painful and no fun to deal with. If you have a mouth sore of any kind that has persisted for an exceedingly long time, you need to see your dentist to have it further evaluated.

Jaw Pain, Popping, Or Clicking

The most audible, and potentially the most painful, of oral health signs is jaw pain, jaw popping, or jaw clicking. Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause jaw pain – none of which are particularly pleasant. Sinus issues, toothaches, injuries, teeth grinding, gingivitis, and arthritis can all be at the root of jaw pain, but you won’t know for sure until you visit your dentist to have your mouth and jaw fully examined.

While there are a lot of potential dental issues out there, the mouth heals remarkably fast and is also a great communicator. If you listen to the signs that your body is giving you, you can quickly act accordingly.

Of course, with dental issues, most solutions end with a visit to the dentist.

Thankfully, Dr. Ho and his expert team at Third Street Dental is here to help you in the most effective and affordable way possible.

Whether you are experiencing one of the above signs of dental issues or are just ready for a regular check-up, give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We’re always happy to help!