Back to School Dental Tips

Young Girls At School Having Lunch

As summer holidays come to a close, parents and children of all ages begin to plan for a new back-to-school routine. The start of school brings new beginnings– new clothes, new friends, a new teacher and new activities. This is also a good time of year to establish a healthy oral care routine for the whole family. Here are my 5 Back to School Dental Tips on promoting healthy oral care for your children.

  1. Morning Brush!
    The mornings are busy! And getting out the door on-time with the backpacks, umbrellas, lunches… can be a lot to think about and manage. It can be easy to forget to brush your children’s teeth. It is a very important step for good oral health… so try brushing teeth first thing in the morning, or right after breakfast. Teach your kids that this is a healthy part of the morning routine.
  2. Pack a Healthy Lunch!
    A new beginning brings inspiration and motivation to pack creative and healthy lunches for our kids. Healthy snacks for healthy teeth include proteins (meats, tofu, beans), dairies, vegetables, fruits and water. Frequent grazing on sticky, sugary foods can cause cavities.
  3. Book the Dental Visits!
    Ensure you have your preventive dental exam and cleaning booked for the whole family. Life gets very busy, and it’s a good reminder to call and pre-book your next visits to your North Vancouver family dentist.
  4. Make Brushing and Flossing Fun at Bedtime
    Keep oral care routines at home fun for your children. Sing a song, choose a cool new toothbrush, use a timer… or use a calendar to chart good brushing. If your kids are tired and not wanting to participate, quickly brush their teeth so they sleep with a clean mouth.
  5. Protect Teeth During Sports
    A custom-fit sports guard is essential at protecting teeth. Whether your child plays hockey, football, karate, lacrosse… or whichever sport they love to play -consider a sports guard to protect their smiles.

By reinforcing a routine of good oral care at the start of the school year, you set your child up for a year of healthy teeth and a lifetime of fewer dental problems. My practice is presently accepting new patients. Wishing you all a wonderful school year.