Back to School

Quick Healthy School Snacks

Back to school is here, and with that comes the fun of packing school lunches. Keeping it healthy and yummy can be a huge challenge. Here are some tips to keep lunches healthy for your child’s body and teeth.

  1. Include yummy proteins, such as dairy products, meats, hummus dips, cottage cheese and yogurt. All of these food items are super healthy for children. For instance, research has shown that dairy products not only contain phosphorus and calcium, but also fight tooth decay.
  2. Water is the healthiest beverage of choice! Children are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle to school, and yes! – water is the best beverage for them. Juices, sodas and sports drinks all contain a lot of sugar which contribute to cavity formation on teeth.
  3. Include vegetables and fruit for overall a healthy diet. I try to include different colors and textures to keep my children interested and excited to try different foods. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are also good for teeth. Celery is probably the closest thing to nature’s dental floss.
  4. Does your child like a sweet treat in their lunch? Avoid anything sticky, like sticky caramels, hard or sour candies, or sticky fruit gummies. Plain chocolate is a healthier treat option for teeth, as it melts in the mouth more quickly than the other sweet options. Adding in fruit, like watermelon, blackberries or blueberries can also feel like a nice treat. Hope this sparks creativity in planning meals for your kids. Good luck with back to school!