Dental Implants or Dental Bridges

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What Is The Difference Between Dental Implants And Dental Bridges?

Dental implants and dental bridges both serve the same purpose – they are meant to replace a missing tooth. While each accomplishes the same thing, they differ in a variety of ways. You can think of a dental implant as being a titanium tooth root that replaces a missing tooth. We place the implant into the jaw and it integrates and becomes stable in 3-6 months.

Your dentist may install a temporary crown allowing for your gums to naturally shape around the tooth while the implant is becoming stabilized. Once the implant is secure you will receive a permanent crown and the process will be complete.

Dental bridges, while still replacing a missing tooth, do not replace the full tooth root. Instead, dental bridges rely on the structure of surrounding teeth to attach a bridging crown to fill the space left by the missing tooth.

The entire dental bridge process takes less time than the dental implant process, but the dentist will have to permanently change surrounding teeth in order to attach the bridge firmly and securely in place.

Who Is Eligible For Dental Implants Or Dental Bridges?

Every mouth is different and, as such, not each procedure is right for everybody. Dr. Andrew Ho can help you determine which procedure you are a better candidate for. In short, dental implants can be given to adults with strong bone quality that will take to the implantation.

Smokers and some preexisting health conditions also impact eligibility for dental implants, so you will need to check with your dentist before planning a procedure.

In general, dental bridges rely more on your existing teeth and can be completed sooner. As you can imagine, the strength and health of surrounding teeth is the primary concern for those seeking dental bridges and this is something your dentist can easily assess.

Regardless of the procedure that is right for you, Third Street Dental is the best place to have your oral health taken care of.

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