Everything You Need to Know About Root Infections

What Causes A Tooth Root Infection?

Tooth root infections often referred to as an abscess, are pockets of pus that are created by bacteria and typically occur at the tip of a tooth’s root or in the gums near the root.

These types of infections happen when bacteria find their way into the part of a tooth that houses blood vessels, tissue, and nerves, known as the pulp.

Most commonly, bacteria will get into the pulp through a cavity or a crack in a tooth and can work their way deep into that tooth’s root.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Root Infection?

Like any ailment, symptoms for tooth root infections will vary from person to person in both severity and how they present themselves.

Most commonly, patients suffering from a root infection will experience a severe toothache that can even spread pain into their jaw, neck, or ears.

Further, like many tooth issues, those suffering from infections will likely experience intense sensitivity when the infected tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures.

In conjunction with this, people often complain of sensitivity when chewing and sometimes suffer from fevers or facial swelling.

If the abscess within the root were to rupture, a person would taste a foul fluid in their mouth and perhaps a sudden release of pain.

How To Cure A Root Infection?

The only real cure for a root infection is to see your dentist.

They will drain the abscess, clean the cavity, and remove the infection. Ideally, a dentist will be able to perform a root canal to salvage the infected tooth, but that is not always the case.

Sometimes a tooth will have become so severely infected that it will need to be pulled completely.

Neglecting to see a dentist when suffering from the symptoms of a tooth root infection can lead to severe complications.


As with most oral hygiene issues, tooth root infections all come down prevention.

Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing frequently will help keep your mouth healthy and clean, and replacing your toothbrush regularly will help prevent the unnecessary build-up of bacteria.

Of course, a healthy diet low in snack foods and sugar will also help your smile in countless ways.

Finally, visiting Third Street Dental for scheduled cleanings is a great way to stay ahead of the curve.

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