Food and Drinks to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

While we provide the best dental care in Vancouver at Third Street Dental, it is the care we put into patient follow-up that sets us apart from the rest. We don’t stop caring once your procedure or appointment is finished. Instead, we strive to provide suggestions and support for continued healthy dental hygiene long after you leave.

As cosmetic dentistry increases in popularity and Third Street Dental performs more of these procedures, we take special care to ensure that patients receive the desired effects from their cosmetic dentistry visit. 

Of these procedures, teeth whitening requires perhaps the most post-procedure care to ensure a bright, white smile.

If you have recently completed professional teeth whitening with Third Street Dental and want to make the most of your cosmetic dentistry experience, you should be extra cautious about what you are putting in your mouth following your procedure.


Arguably one of the biggest contributors to yellow or stained teeth in the first place is coffee, and your coffee habit may very well be the reason you have sought out teeth whitening in the first place. After your procedure is complete, Dr. Andrew Ho recommends waiting at least 48 hours (ideally longer) before having a cup of coffee. If that is too hard of a habit to break, drink your coffee through a straw.

Wine And Other Dark Drinks

Like coffee, wine and dark sodas are also responsible for yellow teeth. To make the most of your teeth whitening procedure, you should try and avoid all dark drinks as long as possible. This will help maximize the longevity of your newly brightened smile. In general, if a beverage is dark enough to stain a white shirt it is dark enough to stain your teeth.

Dark Sauces

Are you seeing a pattern yet? In addition to avoiding dark drinks following your tooth whitening, you should also avoid dark foods. Sauces are an easy one to identify and also easy to avoid. After your teeth whitening is complete, stay away from tomato sauce and other dark marinades and dips to keep those pearly whites as white as possible. Speak with Dr. Andrew Ho for his specific recommendations in regards to when you can resume your normal diet.

Acidic Food

For many teeth whitening procedures, your enamel will be weakened for a short period of time afterwards – making your teeth a little more sensitive. As such, you should plan on staying away from acidic foods such as citrus, vinegar, and soda to avoid unnecessary pain.

What Can You Eat?

While there is a lot of food and drink on the “don’t eat” list, there are still plenty of options for your post-procedure diet.

Dr. Andrew Ho recommends sticking to an all-white diet in the days and weeks immediately following your teeth whitening. If you consume mostly white or light colored foods (think chicken, fish, eggs, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, etc.) the results of your teeth whitening will be that much better.

Third Street Dental has built a reputation as the top provider of preventive and general dentistry over the past few decades and, more recently, we have seen a rise in cosmetic dentistry desires as well. Our team of professionals, led by the passionate, caring, and highly experienced dentist Dr. Andrew Ho , is here to assist with any of your dental needs. Give us a call with any questions or to make an appointment today!