Get an Oral Cancer Exam With Us, Your North Vancouver Dentist

Most of us are aware that the following signs could be cancer: a skin lesion with irregular borders, a lump in our breast, blood in our urine. However, few know that if we have a non-tender lump in our neck, a persistent sore throat or unexplained chronic cough, it could be oral cancer.

The number of new cases and deaths due to oral cancer is predicted to be almost three times higher than that of cervical cancer and almost double the rates of liver cancer.

So what should we all know right now about oral cancer?

It can be successfully treated if caught EARLY. The best way to detect it early, is to have w

regular oral cancer screenings done by your dentist. Your North Vancouver dentist should be checking your mouth at every single visit!

Here are some oral cancer signs to look out for:

  • a persistent mouth sore (doesn’t heal within 2 weeks)
  • pain in mouth or ear
  • chronic hoarseness
  • non-tender lump in neck
  • abnormal swallowing
  • peculiar sore throat

Visit us, your North Vancouver Dentist and get your oral cancer exam with your next appointment.

Dr. Melissa Skinner – Third Street Dental

Oral Cancer